Couples Therapy

“In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

All couples go through trying times and sometimes couples can feel stuck in their relational patterns, making it difficult to understand and/or resolve what is happening. Although couples often seek relationship counseling when there is a conflict or issue they would like to resolve, some couples also seek relationship counseling as a preventive measure, in order to deepen their understanding, commitment, and love for each other. This may involve increased understanding of how their attachment styles and individual history may be impacting the current dynamics in their relationship. Each of us have vulnerable insecurities where we have been hurt. I support the couple to navigate difficult emotions that are often times beneath the self-protection of anger and withdrawal. I think when a couple can identify and express their more vulnerable emotions and the partner can do their best to show empathy and understanding, this moves the couple toward a foundation of trust, feeling secure, and developing deeper emotional intimacy.

Common life stage changes can be difficult to navigate for example pre-marriage, being newly married, having children, caring for aging parents, launching children, and stressors related to aging. Also I have experience helping couples repair a rupture of trust in their relationship.

Couples can expect that I will initially ask what brings you and your partner into therapy and determine each of your hopes for therapy. Working towards the same goal is especially important in couple’s therapy. I will take an active stance, helping each person express their feelings and needs to each other, as well as, highlight the verbal and nonverbal interactions that I observe between the both of you. When appropriate, exercises or homework that is related to what was discussed in session will be assigned to the couple to practice outside of session. My practice draws from Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy.